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Labour's police state. Again.
You know that things are getting bad when even the anti-terrorism police are worried about the emerging police state. It is just bizarre that people don't seem to care more about this. It seems that the fear and lies spread by the government and right-wing media have duped people into thinking that somehow losing fundamental rights, such as not being locked-up without trial, will somehow save them from some fictional terrorist threat which they have yet to see any evidence of at all. It's funny how terrorists that actually did plant bombs and kill people never made us give up our rights so easily. Maybe it's because they were white eh? It's much harder to get away with locking-up white people without charge.

Channel 4 showed Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 last night. It was the first time I had seen it since the cinema and it's still just as good, although the feeling everyone had in the cinema, that Americans would be disgusted and ditch Bush at the next election, obviously wasn't there any more. It was replaced more by a sort of despairing acceptance. One can only hope that the people who need to see this film but didn't watch it at the cinema managed to catch it on telly last night. Realistically though, I think it was probably preaching to the converted. It needs to go out on BBC1 at prime time. That might get people thinking.

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